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Nick's Design Philosophy

Nick's Design Philosophy

"Having played and studied so many of the world’s great golf courses inspires me to create truly distinctive courses in partnership with clients."

Sir Nick Faldo

Nick Faldo Golf Course Design
Nick's Design Philosophy

In Sir Nick Faldo’s own words: “I never wanted to be someone that just stuck my name on a course, turned up at the opening and that was it. I love being out on site and I enjoy discussing concepts and plottingstrategic ideas with my architects. In short, I want to have as much involvement as possible with every project. I think it’s important that our clients and their patrons know that the finished product will be a Faldo course by design – and not just by name.”

"I strive to make every course exciting and challenging to play.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of playing and studying many of the classic golf courses around the world, many of which seem to have grown out of the land itself. My own design philosophy is very much based on the principle of responding to what nature and the existing environment has provided; I think it is wrong to impose or ‘force’ a design onto a site and so completely disagree with the idea of having a particular ‘design style’. The real goal at the end of a project is for golfers to play the course and think it has been there for years.”

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