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Strategy & Memorability

Faldo design team on site

“Golf is as much a mental game as it is physical, and so we aim to create courses that encourage players to think and then decide on the best angle of approach.”

Guy Hockley
Director of Architecture

Ocean shore golf course design
Strategy & Memorability

The look and feel of a golf course provides its identity within the surrounding landscape. Sir Nick Faldo is resolute in making sure that any theme and every feature of a Faldo Design course complements and reflects the local environment, whilst also establishing strong golf strategy within it. By adopting a harmonious approach, the golf course as a whole will become part of the landscape and not impose itself upon it.

World-class golf facilities crafted one sensational golf hole at a time.

At Faldo Design we also seek to create golfing experiences that players can engage with and enjoy, inspiring them to play their very best golf against the backdrop of a beautiful and powerful landscape. Three main design principles are at the heart of these aspirations – strategic golf, appreciation of the natural terrain, and a memorable golf course character and style.