Ledreborg Palace

nr. Roskilde, Denmark
Par 72 | 7148 yards | 6536 metres

A naturally undulating and beautifully scenic championship golf course

This 18-hole championship-standard golf course weaves its way through the sumptuous grounds that border Ledreborg Palace, a landmark that is still home to an aristocratic Danish family. Rolling across undulating swathes of ancient farmland and woodland, this historic piece of land forms a stunning backdrop to a strategically challenging round of first-class golf.

Faldo's thoughts:

Ledreborg Palace has been a real labour of love for everyone involved with the project and, once the course has had a chance to mature, this will be an absolutely beautiful round of golf. The process of bringing the course to life was a particularly interesting one and demanded a keen sensitivity towards a site that is steeped in history. With ancient burial grounds and many points of archaeological interest to consider, we worked to an absolute minimum level of earth movement here; this has meant that we have routed the golf course through an existing landscape that we have barely touched – it really has been a case of finding rather than imposing a course upon the land. However, this has not affected the immense playability and strong sense of strategy across all eighteen holes at Ledreborg Palace. I’m confident that golfers of all abilities will find a golfing experience amongst this historic woodland that is engaging and immensely enjoyable.”