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Golf course design & development
The Faldo Design Difference

The Faldo Design Difference

Sir Nick Faldo’s personal involvement in every phase of design and development, the ability to describe a golf course as being “designed by Nick Faldo,” and the potential to offer a premier golf course experience differentiate a Faldo Design project. Our clients often view Nick Faldo’s attendance at an official opening event as a component with inestimable added value.

Design, Development and Construction

Nick Faldo Design

  • Nick Faldo always visits a new course project during design and construction. He reviews the playability as well as the ‘look’ and character of all golf holes under construction.
  • The Faldo Design team is in regular and frequent attendance on site during construction and grow-in activities. We will provide the monitoring necessary to facilitate accurate interpretation of all plans and course design.
  • A comprehensive schedule of site visits by the Faldo Design architectural team is made throughout the construction and grow-in periods. Constant lines of communication are open between Faldo Design, the client and all its project team members throughout the construction period.
  • Nick Faldo will make a substantial contribution to the Official Opening occasion. He will typically play 18 holes of golf with the Client / Client’s VIP guests and conduct a golf clinic, as well as commit to prominent media related and/or gala dinner type activities.

Marketing and Promotion

Nick Faldo supports our young athletes

  • Sir Nick Faldo’s stature in the global golf market, particularly in the key spending age profile of 35 - 60 years old, is without equal.
  • Sir Nick Faldo’s was the most globally successful international golfer of the 1980s and 1990s, and his extraordinarily successful career in golf from 1977 to the present day is well documented and highly promotable.
  • The power and range of Nick Faldo’s name in golf has been further reinforced by his exposure on TV as a commentator and golf analyst to the BBC, ABC, CBS and The Golf Channel. His voice is regularly heard as an authoritative expert on golf courses and golf players by audiences throughout the world.
  • Nick Faldo and Faldo Design are represented by LeslieAnne Wade, who handles all business development and marketing for Faldo Enterprises. A former Senior Vice-President in charge of public relations for CBS Sports and industry veteran, LeslieAnne is able to leverage an extensive global media network.
  • Nick Faldo is a global brand, uniquely positioned in all major golf markets due to his worldwide golf businesses, TV broadcasting and Faldo Series charitable activities.
  • Faldo Design projects typically attract prominent “industry influencers” to the golf course as much as two years before opening day.