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Par 3 and Short Courses

Faldo Golf Course Design - Par 3 and Short Courses

“Nick Faldo has done an incredible job ... at Ledreborg Palace. I’m confident that golfers of all abilities will find a golfing experience amongst this historic woodland that is engaging and immensely enjoyable."

Robert Birch
Chairman, Ledreborg Palace Golf Club

Par 3 and Short Course Design
Par 3 and Short Courses

Faldo Design strongly promotes the development of Par 3 and shorter golf courses to help maintain and grow golf’s global popularity with recreational golfers. Ideal for less experienced players and for those new to the game, they are also a speedier alternative to traditional 18-hole layouts and offer the same quality golfing experience for busy  modern lifestyles.

We encourage our clients to consider including a variety of golf facilities in their development master plans.

Within our Design Services we offer short course solutions that are either stand-alone facilities or attached to Faldo Golf Centers. For project owners and managers, both arrangements offer an alternative or additional revenue source and a viable point of difference in the marketing power of a development.