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“As the world’s natural landscapes become more endangered, our most fundamental job as course designers is to create beautiful playing venues that also preserve and protect the environment.”

Sir Nick Faldo

sustainable golf course design

Faldo Design firmly believes that golf courses should be designed to last, not just in terms of the game of golf itself but also, more importantly, for environmental sustainability. As golf course architects we consider the land to be our most valuable resource and protecting it is the most essential thing we do.

At the heart of our design philosophy is a requirement that our golf courses sit in harmony with the surrounding environment.

The long-term success of any development project is based on the sustainable balance between it and its environment. The golf courses we design form a significant part of those environments and so preserving and enhancing them is important step in finding that balance. Among the many environmental factors considered throughout our design process, the links between water management, naturally occurring vegetation and on-site habitat creation are especially important, and we welcome the responsibility to ensure that each is part of an integrated solution for environmental sustainability.